Travel VS. Fashion

Last week my friend Yentl Keuppens from the blog BubbleTrouble asked me if I would liked to join her on a press trip. I was like, ok nice šŸ˜Ž where are we going to? (Packing my stuff in my head) “Benidorm” she said. An immediate image of “Benidorm bastards” came in my head. Old people, beaches full sunburned tourists, crappy restaurants… Benidorm was never on my wishlist but I was very curious to explore a “Chic sporty Benidorm”.  
Only a 2,5h flight from Brussels brought us to a very sunny Alicante.

The fixed “Royal hotel” was modern and clean. Situated in the centre of the city, it was the perfect start point for all our trips. Most of the hotels have a swimming pool, but it’s not focused on a garden, it feels like a city hotel. 

 All buildings in Benidorm are skyscrapers and built in certain angles for a good view over the city / sea. 


It was always one of my dreams / goals to write about travelling and fashion. We can have the most unique angles and landscapes to show and promote the latest Tutu Chic designs. On this picture Yentl is wearing a rain jacket, Aztek, I am wearing the lovely heart sweater, it’s a classic Tutu Chic piece. You can find both items on the webshop 


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