Bikes, balls & wine

Day two in sunny Spain… Amazing to wake up to such a great weather at the end of November. 

In the morning a bike trip was planned. Of course, Benidorm wouldn’t be Benidorm if this was a normal bike trip. The new, modern and beautiful bikes of TAO bikes were motorized. In the beginning hard to control, but oh so easy when we had to climb the hills! Never felt this fit!!!! 

 During the bike trip I was wearing the knitted heart sweater, so easy to wear and yet so fashionable! Again I spotted some beautiful views! Here wearing Tutu Chic crop top and skirt (last summer) only available on request. 

  In the afternoon we went for a little golf session. Golf isn’t new for me, but oh so much fun in this weather!  


The Villataina golf gives you the really luxurious feeling of the sport I spotted before in Marbella and Tenerife. The food is really good at the restaurant, maybe the beautiful terrace and view had something to do with it?

After lunch we went for a ride with the golf buggys to see some more of the golf, yes, that’s the moment the child in me revealed itself again! 
 A long day full of fun, but not over yet! Wine tasting at Enrique Mendoza’s wine yard was still on the program! The wine tasted very good, that was the most important thing behind the beautiful story. 



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