Sporty spice

I think this must have been the most sporty day in my life! Omg I didn’t know I could be so active…

Very early in the morning we went to one of the highest hotel buildings in Benidorm (Bali) for a bungee jump… Scared as hell!


The watergames started out in a wetsuit, too tight, taking my breath away in a bad way. But you know, we travel in style, so never without my Valentino. 


The boat brought us to a tiny little island where we could start snorkelling. Spotted some fish, but in my opinion (it was my first snorkelling experience), it was really grey. I thought that there would be more colours like you see on a national geographic video. 

 Swimming made me hungry, so I was really curious which restaurant they had planned. The plastic pictured menu however, took my hunger away. A big surprise when the dishes came on the table. Never saw such fresh ingredients! Good scores for restaurant Marisqueria Posada Del Mar, just across the harbour. 


In the afternoon there was still kayaking on the program. The Dutch guys of Marco Polo assisted us on our first kayak trip. Yentl and I shared a kayak, it was a lot heavier but much more stable. As we were floating on the open sea we watched the sunset. What an amazing feeling! 


After such a heavy day we went for dinner on the rooftop restaurant “Renaissance” in the Madeira hotel. Sharing food with a nice view over the city was not bad at all. The restaurant was certainly nice, but maybe I expected more. 

 As you can see on the picture, my outfit was a chic sporty look again. I love to wear sneakers under a dress. It gives me comfort walking the streets of the city while still looking chic! This dress is available online


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