Hi everyone, last week I had a little getaway to Disneyland… I know, me and my boyfriend are themepark addicts! But common… how superfreakin candylicious amazing is Disneyland?


This is the second time I stayed at the Disneyhotel. Honestly the outside is more beautiful (and pink) then the inside. The interior is already a bit “not updated” and I really missed the Disney touch! Except for the entree of the hotel… What an amazing tree!


I am wearing black and pink: Valentino bag, Tutu Chic big coat and Nike airmax. 

It may be a form of professional deformation… But how lovely are all these dance uniforms! 

Last time I visited the hotel, I was 6 years old, in my opinion the hotel didn’t changed at all, take a look at the room (bed) and bathroom! 

You can’t see it properly on the picture but the icons around the mirror are Snowwhite and the seven dwarfs! I really love the style of the bathroom! 

In the evening we went to the Mickey’s Buffalo Bill western show, amazing location and decor, traditional American food with a great show and company! I had a vegetarian meal, really well done! 

The next day:

After breakfast I could meet my big sweet friend Pluto! I am wearing Tutu Chic “Kiss Me” sweater available online http://www.tutuchic.be 

Fantasyland is definitely my favourite “world” in Disneyland, it is so sweet and cute. Really Tutu Chic. Everything is so peaceful! 

 Disneyland is a world on its own, it’s like there is no outside world! I could definitely live here and sleep every day in the palace like the fairytale of “Sleeping Beauty”. See you soon Mickey! Xoxo



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