New Year’s Eve 

The celebration old – new is already more then a week ago, but HEY 2016 is full of opportunities… 

 The last days of 2015 we travelled with my parents to Holland, more specifically to Arnhem. I know this area very well, the designers from the amazing brand “the people of the labyrinths” live here. 

Their house is more than amazing, full of art and colourful antique. I know them for more than 20 years now, they form the base for my ambition becoming a great designer. I think my mum is their bigest fan! She only wears “POTL” (and Tutu Chic of course). 

We stayed at the “Groot Warnsborn” hotel. A beautiful and cosy hotel run by family “De Vries”.

The 31st we went for a long walk in the park. The hotel is really in the middle of a monumental estate of nature. Amazing to calm down before the storm of parties! 

Me wearing Tutu Chic coat Glitz, mum wearing scarf and coat “The People Of The Labyrinths”. 

Haha we received the key of the bride suite and could spend the night in this crazy gold room! Fragile approved!! 

The night continued and I was wearing a black and silver Tutu Chic dress. 

Cheers to 2016 sweeties!! Xoxo


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