New Year’s Eve 

The celebration old – new is already more then a week ago, but HEY 2016 is full of opportunities… 

 The last days of 2015 we travelled with my parents to Holland, more specifically to Arnhem. I know this area very well, the designers from the amazing brand “the people of the labyrinths” live here. 

Their house is more than amazing, full of art and colourful antique. I know them for more than 20 years now, they form the base for my ambition becoming a great designer. I think my mum is their bigest fan! She only wears “POTL” (and Tutu Chic of course). 

We stayed at the “Groot Warnsborn” hotel. A beautiful and cosy hotel run by family “De Vries”.

The 31st we went for a long walk in the park. The hotel is really in the middle of a monumental estate of nature. Amazing to calm down before the storm of parties! 

Me wearing Tutu Chic coat Glitz, mum wearing scarf and coat “The People Of The Labyrinths”. 

Haha we received the key of the bride suite and could spend the night in this crazy gold room! Fragile approved!! 

The night continued and I was wearing a black and silver Tutu Chic dress. 

Cheers to 2016 sweeties!! Xoxo

Bye 2015!

Hi guys,
Hope you all had a great end of 2015 and an even better start of 2016!

New beginnings always come with a sort of closure. So with this blogpost I would like to give you all an overview of my personal year in 2015 and its ups and downs. 



On this picture you would say everything is more than fine, the truth is I went to a very hard time that moment. Nov, December 2014 and January 2015, I had an accumulation of negativity in life. A very bad car accident (thank god I’m still alive), 6 months I drove a big white van (not glamorous at all), because my cute pink Mini Cooper was totall loss. A bit later I got robbed in one of my stores, … These are just a few examples of what happened. I can tell you, things were not going how they were supposed to be. Appearances are deceptive. 



Me and my boyfriend finally found a place of our own. Even today we are still very happy in our cosy love house. 
MARCH 2015

Paris fashion week with my friend Jill, wearing Tutu Chic collection. 

Opening of a new bedding store (yes one of my other businesses) Here with my girls, wearing Tutu Chic Little Black Jackets. I’m wearing the gold bloom dress. 
APRIL 2015

In April my sweet white horse Ocean got an accident while training. She hurt her leg very bad. Seeing her in so much pain and fighting against this tendon injury made me very sad. Even today she is still in rehabilitation for this. Seeing her so positive made me realising: What defines us is how well we rise after falling. 

MAY 2015


May is one of my favourite months of the year. We can already see summer through nature. This picture was taken while shooting some new collection. 


Opening of one of my new bedding stores. I think this shop at Waasland Shopping centre Sint-Niklaas is one of my favourite shops ever. How lovely is the interior?
JUNE 2015


Popping up at good goods knokke, amazing location between hermes and Gucci. 
JULY 2015


New car, new opportunities, new start. July was the beginning of concept store Jackie Jane. Having this brand new Porsche, wrapped in a handmade pink Tutu Chic knit, made it all just so fun. People will stare but ok let’s make it worth that while 😉



Parties, friends, fun and a lot of love. 



The new winter collection was available online and I was more than proud. 

 With the new summer collection we went to Paris fashion week and rented our own Tutu Chic showroom! Amazing opportunity and start of something big!

Walking on the streets of Paris showing the world Tutu Chic’s latest collection with this cutie: Ankatrien of the blog Teacups and dresses. Love her!

Tutu Chic HQ… A new workspace for us! Yayyyy! This was professionally one of my main goals for 2015. 


A lot of love in November. Me and my boyfriend did some short trips. We just adore to visit amusement parks, so we made a little game of it and visited Efteling, Europapark, Phantasialand and Disneyland in a really short period. Sometimes it’s just amazing to forget all the serious things in life and feel like a little kid again.


This girl… She is so sweet and pure… Just Yentl, is the name of her new blog. And I’m so thankful we met. Thank you for the amazing Spain trip sweetie! 


Love and Family (with capital), that’s where it’s all about. How I love to work hard but come home to these people. 
Thanks for following me, hope you enjoyed this blogpost! Cheers to 2016! 

Love you all!



Hi everyone, last week I had a little getaway to Disneyland… I know, me and my boyfriend are themepark addicts! But common… how superfreakin candylicious amazing is Disneyland?


This is the second time I stayed at the Disneyhotel. Honestly the outside is more beautiful (and pink) then the inside. The interior is already a bit “not updated” and I really missed the Disney touch! Except for the entree of the hotel… What an amazing tree!


I am wearing black and pink: Valentino bag, Tutu Chic big coat and Nike airmax. 

It may be a form of professional deformation… But how lovely are all these dance uniforms! 

Last time I visited the hotel, I was 6 years old, in my opinion the hotel didn’t changed at all, take a look at the room (bed) and bathroom! 

You can’t see it properly on the picture but the icons around the mirror are Snowwhite and the seven dwarfs! I really love the style of the bathroom! 

In the evening we went to the Mickey’s Buffalo Bill western show, amazing location and decor, traditional American food with a great show and company! I had a vegetarian meal, really well done! 

The next day:

After breakfast I could meet my big sweet friend Pluto! I am wearing Tutu Chic “Kiss Me” sweater available online 

Fantasyland is definitely my favourite “world” in Disneyland, it is so sweet and cute. Really Tutu Chic. Everything is so peaceful! 

 Disneyland is a world on its own, it’s like there is no outside world! I could definitely live here and sleep every day in the palace like the fairytale of “Sleeping Beauty”. See you soon Mickey! Xoxo


Mini city trip Hasselt 

Thanks to my dear friend Yentl Keuppens we did a mini city trip to Hasselt 🇧🇪  always fun!
Hasselt is only 1h drive from my hometown, only visited it like 2 times in my life… 

Hasselt has one of the most beautiful and cool Christmas markets of the country WINTERLAND 



Always fun and joking with Yentl, wearing Tutu Chic jacket Etnic. 


We stayed at hotel YUP. A new cosy hotel with a really modern interior. Especially the lounge seats are definitely my kind of thing. Turquoise and pink I LIKE 

Visiting = shopping

We went to my kind of candy store aka playland MAC

Wearing a totally new Tutu Chic hand knitted cardigan matching my pastel nails! 

You like my boots? They are look a like timberlands… Bought them during my trip in Spain. Totally love this combo!

We had drinks in “L’Aperivino” and dinner at the same owner’s restaurant “De goei goesting”. In my opinion the place to be to have a trendy wine and free tapas! 

Thank you for this great trip Hasselt! 😘🇧🇪

Shop shop shop

How could we ever visit a city without talking about the shopping conditions? While the group went hiking, we went on a shopping spree in the old town. 

Black Friday was the perfect moment to spot some “rebajas”. 

Yentl and I were both wearing last summer’s Tutu Chic collection, only available on request.

Walking between the real Benidorm bastard inhabitants we spotted some nice things like make up brand “Flormar”. Buy for €30 en pay €15. This shop gave me the MAC shop feeling: good quality for less money! Didn’t know Flormar is also active in Belgium, always funny to explore new brands on holiday. 

The cupcakes of Cafe Delicias tasted better then I could ever describe… 

We had the best paella ever during a late lunch at restaurant Ulia! And this lunch brings us at the end of the trip. 

Thank you VisitBenidorm for this amazing experience! I came back with a total different feeling and other opinion on this popular Spanish hotspot! 

Sporty spice

I think this must have been the most sporty day in my life! Omg I didn’t know I could be so active…

Very early in the morning we went to one of the highest hotel buildings in Benidorm (Bali) for a bungee jump… Scared as hell!


The watergames started out in a wetsuit, too tight, taking my breath away in a bad way. But you know, we travel in style, so never without my Valentino. 


The boat brought us to a tiny little island where we could start snorkelling. Spotted some fish, but in my opinion (it was my first snorkelling experience), it was really grey. I thought that there would be more colours like you see on a national geographic video. 

 Swimming made me hungry, so I was really curious which restaurant they had planned. The plastic pictured menu however, took my hunger away. A big surprise when the dishes came on the table. Never saw such fresh ingredients! Good scores for restaurant Marisqueria Posada Del Mar, just across the harbour. 


In the afternoon there was still kayaking on the program. The Dutch guys of Marco Polo assisted us on our first kayak trip. Yentl and I shared a kayak, it was a lot heavier but much more stable. As we were floating on the open sea we watched the sunset. What an amazing feeling! 


After such a heavy day we went for dinner on the rooftop restaurant “Renaissance” in the Madeira hotel. Sharing food with a nice view over the city was not bad at all. The restaurant was certainly nice, but maybe I expected more. 

 As you can see on the picture, my outfit was a chic sporty look again. I love to wear sneakers under a dress. It gives me comfort walking the streets of the city while still looking chic! This dress is available online

Bikes, balls & wine

Day two in sunny Spain… Amazing to wake up to such a great weather at the end of November. 

In the morning a bike trip was planned. Of course, Benidorm wouldn’t be Benidorm if this was a normal bike trip. The new, modern and beautiful bikes of TAO bikes were motorized. In the beginning hard to control, but oh so easy when we had to climb the hills! Never felt this fit!!!! 

 During the bike trip I was wearing the knitted heart sweater, so easy to wear and yet so fashionable! Again I spotted some beautiful views! Here wearing Tutu Chic crop top and skirt (last summer) only available on request. 

  In the afternoon we went for a little golf session. Golf isn’t new for me, but oh so much fun in this weather!  


The Villataina golf gives you the really luxurious feeling of the sport I spotted before in Marbella and Tenerife. The food is really good at the restaurant, maybe the beautiful terrace and view had something to do with it?

After lunch we went for a ride with the golf buggys to see some more of the golf, yes, that’s the moment the child in me revealed itself again! 
 A long day full of fun, but not over yet! Wine tasting at Enrique Mendoza’s wine yard was still on the program! The wine tasted very good, that was the most important thing behind the beautiful story. 


The ups 

Day one, a lot of “ups”. Ups like in “height” but also in the meaning of “luxury”.  

A lot of people don’t know the nature side of Benidorm. The Dutch men of Marco Polo jeep tour brought us to the highest point with a beautiful view. Step one of a not so typical “Benidorm”. 


Me and Yentl again in Tutu Chic jacket Aztek & heart sweater:


In the evening we went for dinner to one of Benidorm best hotels *****: Villa Venecia Boutique hotel. The service was really good and definitely my favourite place for dinner. The rooftop terrace gave a luxurious feeling so we toasted to the good life!


Travel VS. Fashion

Last week my friend Yentl Keuppens from the blog BubbleTrouble asked me if I would liked to join her on a press trip. I was like, ok nice 😎 where are we going to? (Packing my stuff in my head) “Benidorm” she said. An immediate image of “Benidorm bastards” came in my head. Old people, beaches full sunburned tourists, crappy restaurants… Benidorm was never on my wishlist but I was very curious to explore a “Chic sporty Benidorm”.  
Only a 2,5h flight from Brussels brought us to a very sunny Alicante.

The fixed “Royal hotel” was modern and clean. Situated in the centre of the city, it was the perfect start point for all our trips. Most of the hotels have a swimming pool, but it’s not focused on a garden, it feels like a city hotel. 

 All buildings in Benidorm are skyscrapers and built in certain angles for a good view over the city / sea. 


It was always one of my dreams / goals to write about travelling and fashion. We can have the most unique angles and landscapes to show and promote the latest Tutu Chic designs. On this picture Yentl is wearing a rain jacket, Aztek, I am wearing the lovely heart sweater, it’s a classic Tutu Chic piece. You can find both items on the webshop 

My surprise bday weekend

Good evening guys, 

Time flies when you are having fun… It’s already been a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend kidnapped me to an unknown place…  

After a 6 hour drive we arrived at EUROPAPARK 🎡🎢🎠 Never heard before of this theme park? Well it’s no1 in Europe! 


We stayed at the Colloseum hotel in EUROPAPARK, for a theme park an amazing and good hotel. The next day we went to Strasbourg 🇫🇷 As a bday surprise dinner, my boyfriend booked a table at restaurant 1741… Top! Cosy and pink 💑 

Strasbourg is beautiful and full of stories… Enjoy your evenings! And stay tuned 🤓  

Sweet dreams! Xoxo